Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Officer Involved Biting

I just stepped out of the shower when I heard Gary laugh.
His laugh was so sexy. I open the bathroom door and peek
out. Gary was setting out the computer I use for work. 
With his head in his hands I saw his body shake with
laughter which made me giggle.

"What so funny?" I asked coming up behind him.

"Sam sent me this!" He said tapping the computer screen.
I had to stop and think who Sam was as my mind went over 
Gary's friends and their partners. "You remember Sammy, 
the one with purple hair." he reminded me. 

"Oh yeah the cops partner" I told him. He nodded and got 
up as I took the seat as I glanced at the screen and 
scanned it. I had to do a double take at the Subject Name, 
Officer Involved Biting, ok now I am interested. 

Well you probably won't read this on the net, or hear it 
on the news so I am going to tell you.

Officer Involved Biting,

Two officers were called out to house for a domestic call 
about 9:30 pm. When they got there the officers found a 
woman that looked like she was slapped around a few times 
and a intoxicated man, who the woman said was her husband 
and he was upset with her because he ran out of beer for 
the celebration. When she took the keys to the car away 
from him he slapped her. After several slaps, someone 
called the police.

Here’s the funny part.

While one of the officers was trying to arrest the man 
when he became violent and dropped to the ground so the 
officer could not put his hands behind his back. The one 
officer rolled the man over to arrest him when the man 
yelled out. Their ten year old son, who the officers did 
not see, came out of nowhere and bite the one officer on 
the back of the legs, causing him to scream out in pain 
letting the husband go. As the husband tried to get to 
his feet, the other officer arrested him as he tried not 
to laugh at his partner who now contained a ten year old 
boy by the back of the shirt like a naughty puppy. EMT's 
were called out now.

The man was arrested for public drunkenness, battery, and 
a few other things and spent 24 hours behind bars to sober 
up and then go before the judge if the wife decided to 
press charges.

The boy was taken into custody where he promptly started 
to cry saying he was sorry but he thought his dad was in 
danger. The boy was release into the custody of his mom 
who told him he was in deep trouble, and he was lucky the 
officer did not put him in the pen along with his dad.

The officer was treated at the scene and then taken to 
the local hospital to see if he needed stitches (no) and 
then sent home for two weeks (so infection will not set 
in) to be spoiled by his loving but laughing his ass off 
life partner to be taken care of. 

He now sits on the sofa with his leg up eating a hot ham 
sandwich shaking his head at me while I type this. 
You two have a good New Years and stay safe on the streets. 
Oh yeah ask Dillon if he can find out how to get glue and 
sparkles out of hair without cutting it off, I tried hot
 water and shampoo but it just matted it together. Bye S

I had to laugh it was just so funny I could imagine this
all going through my mind. 

"We'll have to send him a get well gift," I told Gary as 
he came back into the room handing me hot apple cider.

"Already thought of it," Gary said as he took the seat 
back from me. "We are going to get those pads the police 
put on their horses shins to keep from kicking themselves 
when they run." Gary said as I took a drink of hot cider 
and end up spraying it on the side of Gary's head. 

"Sorry," I told him as I handed him the towel that was 
still wet from my shower. 

The End

Author's notes: The letter Sam wrote is a true story. I 
just changed the names of the people involved to fit with 
my characters. I do have permission from the "Sam" to use 


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