Monday, September 2, 2013

Flashing In The Snow

I stood quietly in my corner. `Of course it's my corner,' I thought as I picked at the paint. `It's not like he stands here to think.' I let out a heavy sigh, and took a chance peeking over my shoulder when I heard the door shut and the click of the lock. I saw an irritated Gary, which was not good, for me at least. He bent down and unplugged the extension cord I had running out the window and up to the roof of our apartment.

"Eyes foreword. Stop picking at the paint," Gary ordered as he walked into the kitchen. I heard the refrigerator door open then shut, the clink of ice hitting a glass, and of something being poured. "Awwww," Gary sighed.

`Oh God, a stiff drink. I really screwed up at this time,' I thought laying my head on the wall. I heard Gary come back into the living room, and the sound him sitting and pushing back on the recliner. "Come here love," Gary called to me.

I didn't hesitate; I turned quickly and went to the man I loved.

Gary held out one hand to me, and patted his lap with the other.

I sat and snuggled deep into the arms of my lover, laying my head on his strong shoulder and toying with the button on his shirt.

Gary bent his head and kissed my forehead. "Can you tell me why, love?" he asked, while he played with my hair.

"It's not like I didn't have permission to decorate for the holidays. I asked the manager if I could put stuff up on the roof, and he said he didn't have problem with it," I presented my case.

In return I got a sharp slap on the thigh.

"Okay, so I bought a Mrs. Santa that flashes her breasts, and a Santa that moons people. It was supposed to be for the police chopper. I didn't know people could see it from the street." I told him.

I knew I was no longer in trouble when I felt Gary's chest shake with laughter.

Happy Holidays From Gary and Dillon.

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