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This story is unbetaed so forgive me for the mistake, and I hope it 
all makes since. Thanks. (All mistake belong to me)I know the title 
sucks. Enjoy I hope.
Sorry no spanking in this one, just some well place swats.


David and I were just pulling out of the local parking lot when 
Tigger's voice came out of my pocket, rolling my eyes; I pulled over 
and dug out my cell "Shut up" I told David as I flip my cell phone 
open. "Hello my sweet thing," I Answered. 

"Is this Gary?" A strange woman voice asked. I could feel my face 
burn red. 

"Yes," I told her.

"Hi, um, well your friend Dillon asked me to call, umm, it seems he 
and I had a little accident, but ummm he won't let me call for 
emergency help cause, ummm he said you'd know what to do." She told 

At the word accident, my heart stopped. "Is he alright," I asked my 
hands started to shake, my mouth went dry, and I thought I was going 
to throw up. I must of turn white cause the next thing I knew.

"What is it, is everything alright?" David asked from the passenger 
seat. I waved him off.

"Well he says he is but," then I heard Dillon voice in the back 
ground. "No don't tell him now." "Do you want to talk to him," She 
asks I started to say yes," but then I heard Dillon "No not now, 
just tell him where we are at, so can come and get me." Dillon told 
her. "Oh sorry," She said 

When she finally told me where she was at, we were on our way, I 
called into dispatch telling them what we were doing and where we 
were going. David was asking question I could not answer. I finally 
had to tell him to shut up.

"Just look for a powder pink BMW sport car." I told him when we 
pulled into the parking lot, 

"There, over there," David said pointing to the direction of young 
woman and a small crowed of people the young woman was doing 
cheerleader moves to catch out attention. I didn't see Dillon.

Once we stop, I was out in flash. The young woman steps back and 
pointed to the side of her car, as she got out of our way. I saw 
Dillon laid out on the ground cover with two pink throw blankets. 
His head resting on a fuzzy pink pet pillow and pink towel that had 
Miss Priss embroidered across the bottom towel. Dillon held the 
towel that was now turning dark pink being against his 
forehead. "Hey. How are you doing?" I asked leaning over him to get 
a better look the whole time I was checking him out to make sure, he 
was still in one piece, and he was, thank God.

"I got blood on your new shirt." He told me. 
"That's ok I can get it out." I told him wonder what he was talking 
"Hey kiddo, you look good in pink" David told Dillon as he was 
patting his leg for injuries. Dillon just growled at him and raised 
his finger to him. 
"Dillon" I snapped, he just gave me a sly grin.

David did the assessment on Dillon for the simple reason Dillon 
would not let go of my hand and being we lived together I was not 
allowed to. I relayed the information he gave me to the hospital.

Then we heard something coming through the parking lot not even 
bothering to slow down over the speed bump we could hear a crash and 
bangs, I glanced up to see a white ford pickup coming our way, it 
stops just behind our truck, and I saw a bear of a woman come around 
the truck. "Oh god," she said when she saw Dillon on the 
ground. "Sue, are you alright," she asked coming over to the young 
woman and wrapping her arms around her. 

"Yeah I'm fine; it's him that is hurt." She said pointing to Dillon. 
"What the hell happen," The woman yelled out. The young girl jumped, 
as and so did David and Dillon, I bite the inside of my check to 
keep from laughing, all brats are alike when a Top yell they jump. 

However, once the woman asked it only took the young lady a few 
minutes to tell us what had happened it seams. she was trying to 
plug in her dead cell phone and had to look down to find the phone 
when it slipped out of her hand and landed and fell on to the 
passengers floor board instead of stopping she just looked away for 
a minute when she heard a thud, she slammed on the brakes and Dillon 
fell to the ground. I looked back to where she was pointing and 
sure enough Dillon bike was laying in the road almost folded in 
half. "And that's way I had to call you on his cell phone cause mine 
was dead." Were her last words before the woman pointed to the car 
and said one word "sit" the girl did just that. 

"Gary, are you alright?" David asked.
"Yeah I'm fine," I told him I had to shake me head to get the image 
of Dillon ran over out of my mind. 

The next thing we knew an officer approaching, and then we heard 
and ambulance off in the background Dillon just groaned at me. "That 
is why I wanted her to call you. I don't need all this, and I didn't 
want the police involved." He told me. 

"Your going to have to have a few stitches to close that cut up, 
love" I told him taping gaze to his forehead.

"Can't you just do it at home?" He asked. 

I shook my head. "Dillon you were hit by a car your head hit a 
windshield so you need to go to the hospital to make sure you don't 
have any broken ribs or internal bleeding alright" he rolled his 
eyes at me. "So call me a worry wart." I told him he gave me on of 
his smiles, which made me feel better. I knew he was going to be 
alright, but I wanted a second opine. 

After the officer got the same story we did he let us go. It took 
another few minutes to get the ok to load Dillon into the ambulance, 
and we were on our way. I of course rode with Dillon. 

Once at the hospital David phone in to get our lunch break approved 
which it was granted. We stayed at the hospital, so I could stay 
with him. After a MRI Dillon was told what we already knew he was 
fine and could go home. The doctor also told him to rest for at 
least 24 hours. Then he looked over at me with a smile "No rough 
housing or any physical excursion" He started to leave when he turns 
around and said "Your helmet kept you from having severe head 
trauma, but since it had been in accident you need to replace it." 
He said and then walk out so Dillon could get dressed. That was one 
thing, he was constantly in trouble over was not wearing his helmet. 
His first spanking was over it 
and it took a few more and one serve paddling to get him to remember 
it and a threat of a blistering if he did it again.

I called Allen to find out if he could come and get Dillon from the 
hospital and to take him home for me. He told me yes he be there in 
a few. Once I got Dillon settled into Allen car I gave him a kiss to 
his stitches. I waved as they drove off.

"You drive," I told David. 
"You alright?" he asked when we got in. 
"Yeah," I told him I lied, and he knew it. He radioed in and said we 
where heading back to the bay. I gave him a look usually it was up 
to me to decide if we were heading back or not. 
Once there he pushed me toward the captain office, knocked once, and 
we walked in the captain as setting at his desk and we came in he 
came over to me and asked how Dillon was. David left us alone. 

The Captain pointed to his sofa, I sat then broke down into tears. 
It was devastating to see Dillon hurt but to see his bike crushed it 
just all come together it could have been worse than what it was,. 
Dillon got to go home, and I get to go home to him, I can hold him 
in my arms tonight kiss his forehead and hold him all night. Instead 
of calling his family and friends to tell him Dillon was killed in 
an accident. I let out a breath and stood up "I need to get back to 
work" I informed the Captain.

"You need to go home," He told me, I tried to protest, but he opens 
the door, "David, take Gary home," He ordered. 

"I have my car, I'll be fine." I told him as I patted his shoulder 
as he did mine, and I headed out to the locker room, changed into my 
street clothes, clocked out then headed home to the one I love.

One my way home I made a few stop one by the video store, another 
was to get ice-cream from Baskin Robbins. As I pulled up into the 
complex I notice Allen car parked in one of the visitor's parking 
spots. I just smiled I knew he would not just drop Dillon off and 
leave him home alone, and I also knew Dillon was not going to be 
happy camper about him staying. Another thing I saw was Dillon bike 
the only thing it was good for was scrap.

"I don't need a baby sitter, I heard Dillon say as he lay on the 
"I'm brat-sitting. " Allen told him from the kitchen. "Not baby 
sitting, there is a difference"

"Go home," Dillon demanded.

"He doesn't have to," I told him from the door. Dillon turned around 
and looked at me all wide eyed then a sly grin crossed his 
face. "Long enough to hear you" I told him.

Allen came over and relieved me of my stuff. I bent down giving 
Dillon a kiss to bandage on his forehead. "How are you doing?" I 
asked him as he sat up to give me room to sit. No sooner than I sat 
down my lap was full of Dillon, 

"I'm fine," Dillon told me wrapping his arms around my necked and 
snuggled closer to me. "Tell him to go home." Dillon whined at me.

I gave him a light smack on his bear thigh. "Be nice." I ordered. 
Dillon just huffed and laid his head on my shoulder.

"I put a roast in the oven it's on a low heat so it should be done 
around five thirty, six. I gave him a pain pill about fifteen 
minutes ago. Now that you are home he seams to be happy. So I will 
go, and let you take care of your little brat now." Allen said 
bending over giving us both a hug at the same time. "I'll let myself 
out I'll lock the door as I go out," He told us as he headed toward 
the door, "If you need tomorrow I'll be home." With that said I 
heard the door closed.

"So when do I get ice cream?" Dillon asked me.

"After dinner," I told him giving him a nip to the neck he 
jumps. "Do you know how much I love you?" I asked him.

"No, show me." Dillon said with a wicked grin. 

"I can't you have a head injury," I told him. I finally got wiggled 
around to where both of us was laid out on the sofa, Dillon laying 
half on top of me with his back to the back of the sofa and his head 
on my chest, I could gently run figure eights on his hip. Before 
long I could hear his soft snores, and the smacking of his lips as 
he slept. Closing my eyes I shuttered to think I could of lost him 

The next thing I heard was the timer going off on the oven telling 
me dinner was done. It was during dinner when Dillon actually spoke 
about the accident.

"It was my fault." He told me while he put a fork full of smashed 
potatoes into his mouth. 

"What was," I asked him.

"That I got hit by the car." He told me.

"How's it your fault?" I asked 

"I was trying to get to the bus stop, and I went through the tunnel 
I didn't stop at that stop sign at the tunnel exit." He whispered to 
his plate. I drop my fork. Bikes are not suppose to go through the 
tunnels "If I would of stopped at the sign she would not of hit me," 
He said his voice was a little odd I could tell he was trying not to 
start bawling. 

"Come mere, love." I told him. Dillon was up and in my lap before I 
could get the chair pushed back far enough from the table. His arms 
were wrapped around my neck so tight I, though he was going to cut 
off my breathing. "It's alright your fine, alive and just a little 
bump" I told him. I could feel his head shake no, and then he 
mumbled something. I pushed him back so I could look at him. "Look 
at me" I ordered it took him a few minutes to make eye contact. "Did 
you just tell me you did not have it on properly?" I asked he 
nodded; I swatted his hip hard he jumped. "We've talked about this 
before." I told him. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, "Let 
finished dinner, and we will talk afterwards." I told him, he only 
nodded and went back to his seat. 

When we finally got the dinner done with and thing cleaned up and 
put away. Dillon and I both sat on the sofa, facing each other. I 
didn't have to say anything Dillon laid it all out. He said that 
since he was in a hurry to catch the bus and the stop was not that 
far from the mall he didn't fasten his helmet so when he got hit the 
helmet flew off. Once he was finished he looked up at me eyes red, 
swollen and wet, I handed him some tissue, so he could blow his nose 
and wipe his eyes. "Are you going to blister me?" He asked. 

"Not with a head injury," I told him, but I had to think of another 
way to punish him, so he knew I meant business. "Go to your corner," 
I told him. He let out a ragged breath but got up and went to stand 
in his little area of the room. "Don't kick the wall, pick the 
paint, or turn around." I ordered as I got up. I went into the 
kitchen and found something to drink. 

I can't ground him cause, he has to travel for his work, I just 
shook my head how was I going to punish him for this with out it 
being physical. I picked up my cell phone and went into the bed 

I headed back to the front room and turn on Dillon's computer once 
it was loaded, and I found what I was looking for. "Ok love, turn 
around and have a seat." I told him as I pulled his chair back, he 
sat, I pushed his chair toward the computer "I want you to look at 
this site, it is not going to be nice, there is a lot of bloody and 
gory, but I have my reasons" I told him. I found a site that I was 
told about a while ago where there are pictures of Bicycles, 
motorcycles vs. vehicles accidents, "The next 30 minutes you are to 
surf through this site and take notes. Then after the time is up you 
are going to write an essay about why you should obey bicycles 
safety rules." I told him. He looked up at me, I could tell he was 
not a happy camper, but he didn't say anything he let out a sigh 
turned his eyes to the screen and slid down into his chair. I sat on 
the sofa a read my book.

"Here," Dillon told me as he handed me a few papers. I took 
them "Take a shower to then we'll have ice cream" I told him. He 
left and I glanced at the essay the first sentence was "This is the 
grosses thing you have ever had me do as a punishment." After I 
read the essay I got up and went to the filing cabinet found his 
file and slid the essay into it. "Why do you save those," Dillon 
asked from the bathroom door. 

"Incase you need them for reference," I told him as I turn around, 
he was standing naked. His body hard from all the cycle riding he 
does, his cock hung Simi-hard to his left side nestled it in a fine 
patch of blondish red hair, his balls hung low and full. Dillon 
right hand came down and scratches his pubic area where a tattoo of 
a rainbow butterfly was at. The site of my lover standing like that 
made me hard instantly.

"I need you to help me," He said giving me a sly grin. `Remember no 
physical excursion' I told myself as I started to strip out of my 
clothes. "Yeah right," I said out loud as I closed the door. 

It was about two weeks later that Dillon got a check in the mail 
from the insurance company that held the policy to the young woman 
that hit him, It was not all that big of a check but it was enough 
to get him a new bike, The one he picked out has a motor on it so 
after you got going good it would start up and you would not have to 
peddle anymore. Talk about being lazy butt.

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