Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Brats and Leftovers

Dillon and I could hear the swats as they landed on poor David's backside. I could see my own brat cringe when they landed. I wanted to go over and comfort my brat. However, I just flipped the pages of the newspaper I was pretending to read just to let him know I was still in the room, but still very upset with what had taken place.

It was not too long ago Dillon was over my knee getting his ass blistered for the stunt, that he and David pulled when they were told to put the left over away. When Allen and David joined us in the living room I could tell that David would have preferred to stay in the bedroom until we were gone. David gave a pleading look when Allen pointed to the kitchen. David just hung his head and went to the kitchen.

"Dill, go help." I told him in a no nonsense voice.

"Yes sir." Dill told me as he went to go help with the clean up.

Allen gave me a rum and coke, then he sat down in his chair. "Tell me, Gary how do they get ‘let's have a food fight’ out of ‘put the food away’?" he asked taking a sip of his drink.

I just shrugged my shoulder.

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