Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Let Them Eat Pie


"What are you eating," I asked as I flopped down beside him on the sofa. 

Dillon just looked at me and went to shove a spoonful into his mouth; I intercepted the spoon and shoved it into my mouth. 

"Cool whip?" I said once I pulled the spoon out of my mouth and dipped it 
back into the bowl for another bite. Dillon was unfazed about my action 
and grabbed the spoon out of is cup and took another bite.

"Well yeah doofus you thought it was yams," He said pulling the bowl 
back to him.

"Why not put it on pie," I asked as we continued to eat the white fluffy stuff.

"Don't want pie." He said

"What about the guys." I asked taking another bite.

Dillon shrugged his shoulders and pulled the spoon out of his mouth. 
"Let them eat pie." Scrapping the side of the bowl.

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