Monday, May 18, 2009

Road Trip (Part 02)

Dillon, come on; they will be here any minute," I shouted from the front room.

"I can't fine my extra battery!" Dill yelled back from the bedroom.

I headed toward the bedroom shaking my head. I stood in the door way watching him play his PSP game. "Dillon!"

He jumped a mile. "Dude, give me a heart attack, why don't ya?" Dillon said as he sat there staring at me.

"I'll give you something," I told him as I pointed to the front room. "You have exactly thirty seconds to get your butt into the front room," I told him, looking at my watch. It took only a few seconds for him to get up. He grabbed his stuff and squeezed passed me with his butt toward the door jamb. Once he was in the front room, he sat at his desk checking to make sure every thing was turned off.

I continued to gather our things together, which was not much as I didn't want to travel heavy. I did a mental inventory, one suite case, two toiletry bags in suitcase, laptop case with laptop, one backpack full of games to keep one brat occupied on a long journey, I hope. Oh yeah and Dillon's favorite pillow.

After a few minutes, I heard a voice outside. As I opened the front door, I saw Andy. He stood about five-feet, eight-
Inches and weighed about two hundred pounds. He was wearing a light green T-shirt and blue jeans. "Andy?" I was just a little surprised. The last time I saw him, he was only five-five and probably a hundred pounds and wearing a prom dress.

"Hi, how's it been?" Andy asked, giving me a hug. I returned the hug

"Great, come in," I told him stepping back about that time his partner Roy stepped up. He stood a little taller then me. He was an older man probably in his early thirties. He too was also wearing a light green t-shirt with blue jeans.

"Gary this is Roy." We shook hands." Roy this is my cousin Gary," Andy introduce us.

"Hello nice to meet you, I've heard a lot about you for the last fifty miles" Roy told me. "All nice" He gave me a smile.

"Well, Andy, Roy this is my partner Dillon," I told them Dillon stood behind me he nodded his head Roy raised an eye brow at us. Roy extended his hand I elbowed Dillon in the side, he got the hint and shook Roy's hand.

"He's all proper and formal, when it comes to greeting people." Andy whispered to me.

"I hate to be rude, but do you have any coffee." Roy asked.

"Yeah, I was going to toss it out." I told him. I headed toward the kitchen with Roy behind me. I pulled down a cup and poured it for him. "Sugar, cream?" I asked Roy, he shook his head.

"Black and strong" Roy said as he took a sip I could see a relief come over his eyes. "Sorry, I've been up since five and SOME ONE," He looked toward Andy "Forgot to set the coffee pot." He said taking another sip. I glanced at Andy he just shrugged his shoulders at me. "And gas station coffee is just plain," He twisted his mouth a little "Shitty" he told me downing the last in his cup.

"Don't get him started on Truck stop's coffee." Andy yelled from the front room

"May I?" He asked pointing to the pot.

"Be my guest," I told him.

"Andy, be a love and load their stuff up" Roy asked. Andy did as he was asked with out any questions. Dillon actually helped which surprised the hell out of me. After a few minutes the boys came back. Dillon was laughing hard he started to quiet down some but looked at me and busted up laughing again. "What is so funny?" I asked. Dillon looked at me then at Andy

"You," He told me.

"I told him about the time you sat in poison oak." Andy told me. Roy just gave me an odd grin.

I had to think back. "Yeah well enough about me just make sure you got everything and done everything." I told my brat, Dillon gave me a look "I'm not five." He shouted as he went down the hall.

"You too," Roy told Andy like Dillon he gave us a look but when Dillon came out of the bathroom Andy headed down the hall. Both Roy and I also made sure we did everything. We left I made sure the door was locked.

"Ok brats in back." Roy announced when we got to the car. Andy didn't say anything he just climbed into the back seat. Dillon gave me a worried looked but did as he was asked. Roy leaned into the open car on Andy's side, "Andy, we have a long drive ahead of us, I do not want to pull over understood." Roy waited for an answer.

"Yes," Andy looked up at him and batted his eyelashes at him as he fastened his seat belt. Roy just rolled his eyes and shut the door.

I turn to Dillon and looked at him. "What? Oh yeah, ok fine," he told me buckling up his seat belt.

After about ten miles down the road Andy started to fidget. He undid his seat belt and turn around digging in the stuff behind him finding a briefcase. He flopped back into his seat and flipped it open, after a few minutes a light started to flash on the dash. "Andy, seatbelt," Roy told him not taking his eyes of the road. "Andrew. Seatbelt. Now" Roy told him I heard a soft click and the light on the dash went off, Roy held up one finger.

The boys started to do a battle between them on the hand held games. I was glad to see Andy and Dillon actually getting along. Dillon was the shy quiet type when it came to my friends, after a few miles I heard Dillon say something about the game and bored. I heard the zipper being undone the click of games going through and a "found It." from Dillon "So what game is that?" Andy asked grabbing the game from Dillon.

"Hey!" Dillon yelled. Before I could turn around we had a struggle going on in the back seat. Andy was trying to keep the game away from Dillon and Dillon was not happy about it, Andy thought it was funny.

"Stop It!" Both Roy and I yelled at the two. I undid my seat belt and turned around grabbing a hold of Dillon I pulled him off Andy Dillon slipped from my fingers and lunged at Andy. The next thing I knew the brakes locked up and I went forward into the seat, and then I was jerked back. I flew into the dash board behind me whacking my head on the windshield, then we did a one eighty in the middle of the road I felt the car lift up on two wheels and then thud when we
came to a stop. We were facing the opposite direction in the road. Roy was thinking quickly he put the car into drive and got us pulled over to the side of the road. All of us sat gasping for air.

I almost fell out on the ground when my car door opened I looked up into a strangers face and blinked. "Are you all ok?" He asked. I glanced over at Roy who was white as a sheet.

"Yeah, I think so," I heard Roy tell him.

"That was some pretty damn good driving man, I thought you where going to flip it for a second there." The stranger helped me out of the car. I was still a little wobbly in the knees I just stood there with my ass on the fender.

"Do you need me to call anyone," The man asked I shook my head no. "You do know your bleeding?" He told me. I looked up at him and blinked putting my hand up to where he was pointing. I could feel sticky stuff in my hair. I pulled my hand away and saw blood. Now seeing other people's blood doesn't bother me but when it's my own or Dillon's I get queasy. I felt my body slide to the ground. Dillon was by my side in a second

"Oh god, Gary, I'm sorry," He told me grabbing my shoulders. "Let me see." He said I could feel his finger moving my hair around. "You got a nasty bump but it's only a little cut, not deep." He said jumping to his feet and headed back behind the car. I felt something wet on my head and looked up to see Roy standing there with a wet clothe, Dillon had my medical kit open shoving things back into it. Roy and the stranger helped me to my feet and back into the car, this time I was put in the backseat the other door opened and Dillon slid in. Roy took his hand off my head and Dillon slid closer to me so he could hold the towel in place. "I am so sorry," Dillon told me I could see a tear slip down his face. I reached up and swept it away.

"It's ok," I told him. "I'm fine"

"Thanks for your help," Roy told the stranger. I heard Roy get in but didn't start the car. After a few minutes we heard

"You want to tell me what that was all about Andrew?" Roy asked as he turned to face Andy.

"I wanted to see the game he had and he wouldn't let me." Andy told him

"So you decided to hid the game in a moving vehicle?" Roy almost yelled at him.

"I didn't expect that to happen." Andy told him.

"You my dear boy are lucky we are in bucket seats." Roy told him. "I want you to buckle up, sit straight, look forward and don't you move a muscle." Roy ordered. Andy did as he was told. Then Roy turned around and looked at us. "Gary you alright, do you need a hospital?" He asked I shook my head no.

"Did I crack your windshield?" I asked him. He gave me a smirk

"No, it's hard head proof." He told me as he turned back around. He started it up and got us headed in the right direction. I pulled Dillon to me so I could just hold him

It was a short time later "Gary," I heard Andy call me. I looked at him I could see he's been crying but I was not sure if it was because he felt bad for what happened, or because of the trouble he found himself in. "I am so sorry," He told me.

"It's alright, I'm fine." I told him I reached up and squeezed his shoulder.

I saw a café sign coming up that said rooms for rent. "Roy I think we need to stop for a while," I told him. He glanced back at me and nodded his head. I could feel Dillon shudder and I noticed Andy sat straighter if that was possible. Once we found a place to park we all climbed out. I glanced around and noticed that the place had a few cottages out back. We walked over to the café and found us a table. Once we got our orders taken Roy excused him self and headed toward the cashier. He talked to the waitress for a minute then she pulled something out from under the counter and handed it to Roy who scribbled on the pad. After a few minutes he came out and sat down by Andy. Taking Andy's hand into his, he kissed his knuckles. The waitress brought our food to us, Roy and I ate but both boys just pushed their food around. Roy tapped Andy's plate with his fork Andy looked at him and sighed, picking up his fork he began to eat. I didn't have to say anything to Dillon he got the message and started to eat his food. Neither one ate ever thing but they both eat enough
to keep us happy.

Once outside Andy and Dillon headed back toward the car. "Not so fast," Roy told him. Dillon and Andy stopped in there tracks and spun around to face us. "We have some business to take care of Andrew, I rented a room for an hour it the last one on the end, number twelve." Roy looked over at me, and I took Dillon by the hand.

"You and I will take a walk until they are finished." I told Dillon, he looked sick. "I'm sorry I can not let this slide by." I told him. I could see him swallow,

"I understand" He told me squeezing my hand. We headed out back behind the motel and looked around. It was about half an hour later I felt my phone vibrate. I didn't have to look at it to tell me it was Roy telling me to head back. Dillon didn't realize I had turned us back toward the room not until he saw it come into view. I felt him go stiff as we made our way back Roy and Andy was standing outside when we came up Andy didn't look at us.

"We'll be out here," Roy told me. I nodded my head and held the door open for Dillon.

"Do I need to ask what happened?" I asked, Dillon only shook his head. "Ok then drop your pants," I told him as I sat down on the bed. Dillon took a deep breath and undid his pants letting them fall to the floor on their own. I helped him over my lap, adjusted him so his chest was on the bed, his hip was on my lap his feet on the floor my one leg came around his to lock him in place since he didn't wear any underpants. "Why don't you fight in a moving vehicle?" I asked him once I got him settled

I felt him sigh, "It's dangerous, we could have been in an accident, the door could have come open and I could have fallen out because I wasn't wearing the seatbelt." He told me. The last part made me shutter. I've seen what happens when someone falls out of a moving vehicle, not a pretty sight.

"You're being spanked for fighting; I am not sure how the car got knocked out of gear." I told him. With that said I let my hand fall hard and fast. It was about the fifth swat when I heard the first of many yells come out of him it was about the tenth when he started to move. When I felt him go limp across my lap I started bring the spanking to an end letting my hand fall slower and more gently. The last spank was soft, I lightly patted his rear to let him know it was now over, slowly he rolled over so we were chest to chest, and his arms came around my neck his face got buried into my neck. "It's alright, its over, done with." I told him gently rocking him and lightly rubbing his back. Neither one of us said anything for a while. "Come on we need to get back on the road." I told him. He gave me a groan. But got up, "Go wash your face," I told him. We both went into the bathroom, I helped him wash his face and after looking in the mirror he helped me wash the dried blood out of my hair. Once that was done and over with I made the bed and we left, I locked the door behind us.

Roy was on the phone with some one when we came out. Andy was belly down over the hood of the car looking at some thing. When Roy notice we were there, he told whom ever he was chatting with goodbye and see you tomorrow and hung up. Andy stood up with a wince and came over to give me a hug. "Sorry cuz," He told me. "

"It's fine, over with, in the past," I told him giving him a hug. Roy gave me a half ass smile and went to turn the key in.

"Front or back?" Roy asked me when he got to the car.

"Back, I need to be with Dillon," I told him. He gave me a knowing smile. Once we got fastened up and back on the road. The car was quiet, the only thing you could hear was the rumble of the tires on the road, the passing cars and soft rock music played, and no body said anything. Andy had fixed the front seat so he could be as close to Roy as possible the console was in his way, but he managed some how. I had my arm around Dillon with his head on my shoulder.
Finally I heard him sigh

"What I want to know is how the car got knocked out of gear." Dillon asked as he looked between the seats "There is no way either Andy or I could have done it with the console between the seats."

"Gary did it," Roy told us. All three of us went "huh?" "When he turned around to grab you Dillon he had to be on his knees to reach you. When you lunged at Andy you pushed Gary, he slipped and his knee hit the gear shift knocking it up into reverse, and the rest you know."

"Oh," I said. I moved around so Dillon was between my legs but still buckled up. I made sure the doors were locked and leaned against it with Dillon's head on my chest and closed my eyes. The next thing I knew I was being woke up to Andy saying

"We're here"

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