Monday, May 18, 2009

I Don't Wanna Go (Part 01)

When I received a phone call from my mom telling me the family was going to have a big get together to celebrate my Grams' ninetieth birthday and she expected me there for more then a day, I decided it was time for Dill to meet the family. My family was one of those close-knit families where you stay in-touch with each other no matter what. When I told them I was gay, I expected them to have a conniption fit and say I was only acting out. But, to my surprise, Mom and Dad sat there looking at me.

"As long as you're happy with life, but I really wanted a grandchild with your eyes," Mom said.

When I went to make arrangements to have the time off my captain noticed I hardly took vacation time, so he had no problem giving me the time off I needed. I thought Dill would be tickled with the ideal of going away. Wrong!!

"What do you mean we are going to Castle Rock?" Dillon almost shouted when I told him the news.

"Because my Grandmother is turning ninety and she wants to meet you." I tried to grab him to get him to settle down. Dill spun around and I ended sitting on the floor. No, he did not mean to knock me down. But he gets excited and I should have known to keep an arm's length between us until he calmed down some.

"Sorry," Dill told me as he looked down at me. "I didn't mean to." He told me as he held out his hand to help me up off the floor.

"I know you didn't but I think you need to calm down some," I told him as I pulled him to a hug. He let out a sigh. "Fifteen minutes should do the trick," I told him as I turned him around and gave him a gentle shove toward his corner. He went with his head down. I step in behind him and turn off his computer, making sure everything was saved. Then I went over and sat on the sofa so he would not be alone.

"No kicking the walls or butting your head," I told him. The last time he did that, he put a hole in the sheetrock. "Stand straight with your hands behind you," I reminded him. He did as he was told and I set the timer on my watch so I would not forget him.

Every now and then, I would glance up at him. He stood straight but I could tell he was not thinking. My watch sounded but Dill waited for me to tell him to leave. "All right, love, come here," I told him. He turned around to find me on the sofa with my legs out straight and his pillow between my legs. He gave me a shy smile, bounced over to me, gave me a kiss and then flopped down on his back, pushing the pillow and his head into my groin. His blue eyes looked up at me.

My hand went under his t-shirt so I could scratch his chest. "Are you calm enough to chat?" I asked him and he nodded. "OK then, this is not a request. You and I are going to go to Castle Rock to a family get together for a week or so. My family wants to meet you. Grams is not in good enough health to travel far. We are leaving this Saturday morning early." I keep talking so he would not be able to interrupt me.

"Are you finished?" he asked. I tapped his mouth to let him know I didn't appreciate the cheekiness and nodded. "How come you didn't ask me if I wanted to go?" he asked and I thought it was a fair enough question.

"If I had asked you, what would you have said?" I asked him.

"I don't wanta go," he told me, looking up into my eyes.

"That is why I am telling you instead of asking," I told him. His mouth open but I put my hand over it. "Yes the rules still apply no matter where we are," I told him. He raspberried my hand, then licked it. "Come on, we need to get things packed."

He got up and then helped me up. I headed for the door. Dill let out a sigh but followed me out to the storage unit, which was a mess. We were not out long when I found what I was looking for, but I had to move some stuff out of the way to get to it.

"What about work?" Dillon asked as I found the suitcase in the storage shed.

"I already told my captain I was taking time off when mom told me about the party," I said, handing him the ice chest.

"When did you find out?" he asked.

"Last month." It was out of my mouth before I could close it. Dillon hated when I didn't keep him informed of things. The next thing I knew, the room went black as the door shut behind me. "Dillon," I yelled out. I tried the knob and although it would turn, the door was stuck. I knew he was holding it closed. I hated being locked in a dark room because I always get panicky. "Dill, if you are leaning on the door…." I tried to open the door again and it opened. Dill was standing against the wall. I just pointed to the apartment.

"What? It slipped," he said.

I knew better. It had a thing on it that when you pushed against it, it would lock automatically into place. I reached into the unit and pulled out an old bamboo fishing rod and shook it at him. His eye got huge but he headed for the apartment. I tossed the rod back into the unit and closed and lock the door.

When I walked into the apartment, Dill was by our chair. I closed the door and locked it before going over to the entertainment center. Dill followed my every moved and when I took down the paddle, he started to shift. I just pointed toward the bedroom with the paddle.

"Oh come on, it was an accident," Dill said as he skirted passed me with his backside to the wall.

"Bull! It was a temper fit," I told him as I followed him into the room. "And temper fits get you what?" I asked as I closed the bedroom door.

"A paddling." He looked so ashamed of himself.

I grabbed the pillows and placed them at the foot of the bed as he let out a sigh. "Pants down," I told him as I step in behind him.

"I didn't go far," he told me as he dropped his shorts. He answered my next question. "Did he or did he not close the door?" Dill placed himself over the pillows. Usually it would be over my lap but I wanted this to make a point. I only gave him five swats; one on each cheek, each thigh and one right in the middle on his sit spot. His backside was a nice pink but that was about it. I tossed the paddle on the chair and help him stand up. Actually, it wasn't even enough to get him to cry but he was.

"I'm sorry," he whispered to me and I held him tight.

"Its over, and you don't lock someone in a room because you are upset," I told him. I helped him find his shorts, got him dressed again, and held him until he calmed down. On our way back out, I put the paddle back where it belong and then we headed back out to the storage unit. After we found the suit case and put everything back, we headed to the apartment.

I was busy trying to get dinner on when the phone rang. "Dillon, get that!" I yelled out.

"Why? It's probably for you anyway," he answered back.

I drop the meat into the pan and washed my hands just as I step into the front room. "Hello. Yes he's here. Hold on a minute." Dillon handed me the phone. I gave him a `who is it' look but he just shrugged his shoulder and handed me the phone and went back to his computer.

"Hello, "I said and I smile big when I heard the voice come over.

"Hey, Cuz," the voice said in a stereo-type gay voice. "You know who this is, Sugar?"

"Hello, Anne," I said and I could hear him laugh. I haven't talked to him in a while, not since he moved to Idaho.

"No, Cuz, I go by Andy now," he told me.

"Oh really, and when did this happen?" I asked. When he was little and a teen, he wanted to be called Annabelle because he didn't want to be a boy. He liked to think he was a girl and he even dressed like a girl. Yeah, but our family just accepted it as long as he was happy with what he as doing. I personally wanted to knock the sense back into him.

"When I met Roy," he told me.

"Oh really?" I asked.

"Look, Cuz, we're heading over to Grams' place this weekend for the get together and were wondering if you were heading that way yourself?" he asked.

"Yes, Dillon and I are heading out Saturday," I told him.

"Well, I was wondering if you all wanted to ride up with us so, you know, we can get to know each other's partner and save gas and all?" he asked. "Roy said it was up to you as he has no problem coming over to get ya since you only live on the way," he told me.

"Hold on," I told him. "Dill, you want to ride up with my cousin and Roy or do you want us to drive up?" I asked him.

"Like my opinion counts," he snapped back at me. I just glared at him and rubbed my hand on my pants.

"What time are you going to be here?" I asked. Andy said something to Roy, or so I presumed.

"About sevenish," Andy told me.

"That's fine, we'll be ready I hope," I told him. I gave him my address and how to get to the complex and how to find us.

When I hung up the phone, I went over to the entertainment center and turn on the stereo just loud enough to drown out something but not loud enough to make the neighbors complain. Dillon looked up at me as I made my way over to him and his computer where I reached over and hit the save button. He just sat back with his arms crossed. When it said it was saved, I turn off the computer. Pulling him up by the arm and making sure it landed on the sit spot; I gave him a swat that even stung my hand. Then I walked him over to the chair and sat down, pulling him over my lap as I sat. He didn't have time to think. I had his shorts down around his ankles before he could make a grab for them. My right arm went around his waist to hold him tight against me, while the other one rested on his backside.

"Why are you getting this?" I asked him.

"Cause my smart mouth," he told me. With that said, I brought my hand down hard. Not extremely hard, but enough to turn his tan-colored butt red and I put enough force into it to make it sting for a while. He took it for the first five minutes, then after that he was wiggling like a worm on a hook and begging me to stop. I did after a few minutes and just sat there rubbing his back for a minute or two. Then I help him up and making sure he sat on his hip and not his butt, I pulled him close to me.

"What is wrong with you today?" I asked him but he just shrugged his shoulders at me and buried his face into my chest. I just held on to him.

"If they don't like me, will they make you send me away?" Dillon asked after about five minutes. `Oh hell,' I thought. Placing my one arm under his knees, I stood up and carried him to the bedroom. Once we were laid out on the bed, I curled up next to him, pulling him close to me.

"What if they don't like me?" Dillon asked into my neck.

"Doesn't matter, cause I adore you," I told him. "From the top of your head (kiss), to your toenails (kiss), and every where else in between (kiss), you guess where. Usually sex and punishments don't go hand in hand but I made an expectation this time. He needed to know I still love him no matter what.

I glance at the clock. It was now nine. `Well hell,' I thought. I never like Dillon to go to bed on an empty stomach. I got up, making sure he was covered and headed out to the kitchen where I turn off the stereo and clean up the kitchen. I found my crock pot and tossed the meat into it along with some carrots and potatoes, stuff like you make stew with, and turned it down to low. It would be lunch for tomorrow. I locked up the apartment and headed to bed myself. Once I was settled, Dillon rolled over next to me and dropped his arm across my chest and his head on my shoulder, shifting until he was almost on top of me.

"I don't wanna go," he mumbled in his sleep.

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