Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm Sorry

I heard the door shut, the sound of an envelope being opened and then, "Dillon Leroy Anderson, Come here now!" I quickly turned off the faucet and headed into the living room.

"What I do?" I asked as he was reading the letter he held in his hand.

"How could you?" he asked.

Could what? I was still confused on what was going on.

"You gave me your word, you would not do that kind of crap anymore," Gary told me as he dropped the rest of the mail on the coffee table. "I suggest you go stand in the corner and think about what you have done," he ordered.

`Okay, we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto,' I thought as I headed for my own little corner of the house right by my computer. As I went to stand in the corner, Gary came in behind me, turned the computer off and unplugged it. I let out a sigh as he went and picked up the rest of the mail. The reason Gary unplugs the computer is because once when I was doing corner time he caught me chatting in a yahoo group. Man, was he pissed.

"I'll be in the room. When you want to explain to me why you did it, we'll talk," he told me and with that I heard the door open and the bed being sat on. We really need to get a new bed as that one makes too much noise, especially at night.

I stood facing the wall and thinking, `What the hell did I do now to get put in the corner and probably get my butt toasted?' I had to really think hard on what he had said.

************ ********

I guess I better explain myself a little better. Before I meet Gary, I lived in California and went to school to become a computer programmer. Well, the guy I teamed up with was just as good on a computer as I was and before we knew it, we were able to hack into any system and wipe out anything we wanted or get anything we wanted without leaving any clue of what had happen. Well this guy, Uncle, got the big idea on how to make fast and easy money. It only took a few months to get started. Once we were in business, he would get the cliental. Before long I was making about five hundred dollars a week. All I had to do was wipe out credit reports. We would go anywhere as long as the cliental would pay for us to travel. Big-wigs would have us do this. All Uncle did was make the arrangements. Since I didn't drive at the time, he would get us a motel room and then call all the people to tell them we were in town. A few days later, he would collect a Fed-X envelope at the front desk and we would leave. Once we got home, he would give me my share of it and drop me off at home. Not bad for a kid out of high school, making five hundred dollars a week for playing with a computer. It was not until he hooked up with some other guy that the trouble started. By then, I was living at his house along with his nephew, Phil, who I was dating at the time, so it was easier for me to live with him then at home.

One night Uncle came home, beat up pretty badly. Phil and I had no idea as to why he had been beat up and he didn't tell us anything. All we knew was that he had been going to meet this guy about getting paid, and instead he had gotten the shit beat out of him. A week later, a U-haul truck pulled up and we packed it up with the computer and our clothes and that was it. He said get in, and we did.

I didn't get to say goodbye to my parents or family. We lived out of the boxes we had our clothes in and slept in a motel room. A month later, he pulled up in a beat-up old Budget truck and we again packed up everything we had with us. From then on, we even slept in the truck. Uncle knew Phil and I were gay and that we had sex, so he made one part of the truck into a small room so we could be alone when we wanted to be.

It was about two years later when we stop at a truck stop to get fuel and Phil meet some trucker. It was the last I saw of him as he climbed in the guy's truck, leaving me and Uncle to ourselves.

We were setting in a hotel room in Pendleton, Oregon; a one horse town that rolled up the streets at five p.m. and Uncle was out most the time doing something. One day Uncle told me he was getting a rental car and heading over to Walla-Walla, Washington, to scope out work. I was to stay where I was until he called. We kept in contact by phone and he would send me information on the clients he met along the way. I would then go to their town and take care of business. I never saw any money unless Uncle handed it to me or I went to the Western-Union to get a money gram so I would have cash to fuel the truck. He would only send me about fifty dollars for food at a time, as he kept saying he would give me what was due to me when I got to him. I never question what was going on. However, what he did not know was I had my own little business going. I was making fake ID's for underage teens. At fifty dollars an ID, you can make real good money in one night.

Then one day I got a call telling me to meet him at some truck stop in Moscow, Idaho. He had already wired me the money to get there. I picked up the money and headed out. When I got to Walla-Walla, Washington; I meet Gary as a result of an accident. After my accident, Uncle met up with me. I don't know how he got from Idaho to Washington as fast as he did, but when the hospital called him and told him I was in an accident, he was there about two hours after my release from the hospital. When he found out I had no clue where the truck was, he slapped me upside my head, making me hit a wall at the mini-mart. Gary came to my rescue once again. He stopped Uncle from beating me up because I had no idea where our stuff was and Gary took me home to stay with him. Gary made some phone calls to find out where the truck was. He got me a truck and a storage unit to store my stuff in, no question asked, he just did it. It took Uncle two weeks to find out where I was staying and somehow he got the number.

After I talked with him a few times, he decided to make a home base there in Washington and we were in business again. But this time I called the shots. He would get the cliental and I would do the work after the first payment was sent. When the job was done, we would get the rest. I made sure that the payment was in cash of course and we had the people buffaloed. We told them if we didn't get the rest of the money within 24 hours, we could put the stuff back on their credit report and then some. Fed-X was dropping envelopes like crazy.

It was not until one of Gary's fellow co-workers got a hold of Uncle to get his stuff straightened out that Gary found out how I made my money and he not happy at all. Uncle and I were out putting up flyers around the town when someone took one of the flyers and read it. Liking what he read, he asked how we did it. Uncle being the talker, started to explain in detail. I realized it was David but before I could tell Uncle to shut up, Uncle told him how it worked. David took the flyer and shook his head at me and turn to leave, telling Uncle he would call him later. When we got back to the hotel Uncle was staying at, I told him who that was and that we were both in deep shit. Uncle only laugh at me and told me not to worry, he would take care of it. It was two months later when I got a call from Uncle and we went to work. After the job was done, the man left and the next thing I knew, cops came busting in and arrested us both. I almost pissed my pants as I was hauled off in handcuffs to the police station, booked, stripped and but in a nasty-looking green jumpsuit that said prisoner on the back. I was put in a cell and told I would get my phone call in the morning. All I wanted was to go home and be held by Gary. It was not until the next morning when I was taken out of the cell and into a room where my clothes were, that I was told to get dress in a hurry. When I was dressed, the door open and Gary stood there with open arms. I flew to them and he held me tight.

The next day, I went to court. I stood when the judge called my name and Gary stood up with me. My lawyer, who was one of Gary's friends, was there to defend me. The Judge, a woman, asked me how I pleaded on the charges I was being charged with. I told her guilty just like my lawyer told me to. She read my file again and then looked up at me; her eyes were as cold as ice.

"Young man, what you did was against the law. I should put you in prison with the one you called Uncle." I dropped my head and looked at the floor. Gary shoved me and told me to look at her and I did. "But for some reason, I think you were the pawn in a game. I am putting you on probation and house arrest. You will be fitted with an ankle monitor and without your probation officer's permission; you will not be allowed to go anywhere at all. You have to check in once a week to him. If you miss a week, you will go to jail. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes ma'am," I told her.

"And to make sure you check in with you probation officer, the gentleman on your left has told me he will take full responsibility for your sentence." I turned to my left where Gary stood. I smiled at him and he gave me a stern look. My smile left and I turned back to the Judge. "Mr. Anderson, please do not make me regret my decision. I would really hate to have to put you away for a long time." With that, she banged her gavel on the peg and ended the court case.

I hugged Gary tightly and Gary just patted my back. "Wait until you meet you probation officer," Gary told me. I got a strange feeling I already new him.

"Allen right" I asked and I felt him nodded his head. "Oh man, I am so dead." Allen has been a cop since shortly after he graduated high school. One day he decided to see if he could get juvenile delinquents to turn their way of life around and that is how he met David. Allen is a kind man until you are doing business with him, then he is a no-nonsense kind of guy. He is a big man and when he is crossed, he is just plain scary.

************ *****

I heard the toilet flush and then Gary sitting in the recliner.

"Dillon, come here, love," he said. I turned from my corner and went over to him. I stood at his side. I had no idea what he was going to do so I just stood with hands behind my back, waiting. He reached up and pulled me down onto his lap. Once we got snuggled into each other, he handed me the letter he had received in the mail. It stated his student loan was paid in full. "I am so sorry I jump to the wrong conclusion and thought you had gone back to your old tricks. How come you didn't tell me, love"

"How did you find out?" I asked him.

"I called the bank that was holding the loan and they told me about the extra payments you had been making." Gary's arms came around me tighter. "You know you didn't have to do that," he told me then his lips touch the top of my head.

I shrugged my shoulder at him. "I just figured since you helped me out I would help you out. I didn't think it would matter how it got paid as it got paid, honestly I didn't." I told him.

"I love you, little one," Gary said, pulling me into a tight hug.

"I love you too, but right now I can't breath," I told him. He gave me kiss on the forehead and pulled the leaver up so our feet would go up and then he turned in such a way so I would be beside him but still on his lap. I snuggled down into the safety of his arms.

You see, Gary helped me get the grants I need to go to college to get my Medical Transcribing certificate and after I got the certificate, he help me get cliental. So I thought since he helped me, I would help him. I've been sending in money orders to help pay his student loan off so he could go back to school and get his EMT-3 Degree. I guess he was right. I should have told him but that would have spoiled the surprise. The only thing I can say now is, thank God he likes to cool down and check things out before he lets his hand fly.

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