Monday, May 18, 2009

Dillon Meets The Family (Part 03)

The next thing I knew I was being woke up to Andy saying "We're here"

I tried to sit up my back hurt; I had fallen asleep against the armrest. Dillon was still snuggled up against me. "Dillon babe, wake up," I shook him he moved a little when he looked up at me his eyes were a light blue and red, swollen. "We're here." I told him he sat up winched a little and looked around he let out a yawn and rubbed his eyes. Andy handed him a wet one so he could wash his face a bit to get the dried tears, drool and the sleep from his eyes.

"Thanks," Dillon said giving Andy a shy smile.

"No problem" Andy told him. He handed me one also and I also quickly washed my face off just to get the sweat off.

As we pulled up to the house I notice most of the family has already arrived the yard looked like a KOA campgrounds. There were motor homes, trailers, tents, and hammocks from the back fence to the barn.

Roy notice on the other side of the house was where the all the vehicles were parked so he pulled in to an empty area. As I open my door I could here "They're here." Some one was yelling as they went running across the yard to the house.

Once we got out of the car, I notice Grammy standing on the porch she looked all of sixty hard to believe she was going to be ninety tomorrow. "Wow is that her?" I heard Dill ask, I only nodded "You sure she going to be ninety?" Again I only nodded he let out a low whistle. "Wow! I hope you look that young when you get old" he told me. I had to laugh; I could hear Andy and Roy chuckle behind us.

"You all go help them unload that beast," Grammy yelled for the kinfolks to come and help. In no time we had the car unloaded and headed toward the house. Grammy stood on the porch with her hands on her hips like she about ready to do some scolding

She gave Roy and Andy a hug and looked around like she expected someone else to be with. They then she looked over at me. Dill was almost standing right behind me since he was a little shorter and skinner then me he could hide behind me.

"So you are the young man who stole my little ones heart huh?" She asked.

"Yes, Ma'am," Dillon answered her. He was doing his best not to stumble over his words.

"You can call me Grammy, Grams or Arletha but no Ma'am is we clear?" She said

"Yes, Ma. Grams we're clear." Dill said as he swallowed. Yeah I forgot to give him that little tidbit. "Andy, Roy you two will be in John's old room, Gary, "she stopped and looked at Dillon, "Baby blue eyes here will be in your old room." She told us "That way you all will have some privacy."

"Oh yeah, Grams this is Dillon, Dillon this is my Grammy Arletha "I introduce them.

"A little late aren't we." She asked as she gave me my hug finally.

"Yes Grams" I told her trying to be boyish.

We made our way up the stairs and into the rooms. Dill stood by the door waiting for me to find the light. Once the room was lit, Dill just looked around, it was small, not even the size of our room back home. He just shook his head.

"What did you expect?" I asked. There was a full size bed a dresser and a freestanding closet. I took our bag and things and put them on the bed and started to unpack the bag when I tossed the paddle on the bed. I heard a gasp.

"What you bring that for?" Dill asked I could tell be his voice he was totally shocked.

"In case it is needed." I told him. Grabbing it and our underwear I put it in the top drawer of the dresser. "But that is totally up to you, my love."

"And how is that up to me?" He asked

"Behave." I told him pulling him in to a hug; I pulled over to the bed and fell back with him he snuggled up to me.

"You use to live in this room?" he asked.

"Yeah from freshmen year in high school tell I moved to Walla," I told him.

"Wow must have been nice." He said getting to his feet pulling me up with him. "Enough snuggling. Show me around." He ordered. I laughed and followed him out the door.

I bore you with the details of the tour but the only thing he found interesting was the old oak tree they used as a hangman tree to lynch people. To this day, I'm still not sure how many unmarked graves were around.

I flipped my phone open when it vibrated and a text message came up `Dinner 10 min'. I flip it shut and we headed back once we got to the house.

"Dillon come with us!" One of the cousins shouted from the back yard.

"We're you all going?" Uncle Rich yelled out.

"Just out back," someone else yelled out.

Dillon looked over at me. I just jerked my head toward the door Stay off the dirt bikes." I yelled at him as the screen door banged shut.

About two hours later we all heard one of the dirt bikes .we heard feet running up the steps and across the porch the door slammed against the wall and Alan stood covered from head to toe with mud. "Cuz you got you medical kit? Cause we need it at the pits" He told us just oh so calmly.

"It still in the car" Roy said as we headed outside I grab the kit and straddle the bike Alan and I was off like a shot followed by two trucks with half the men folk in them.

Once we got to the mud pits I saw all the young cousins all standing around in a circle. Janet came up to me. "What happened?" I asked once I got there.

"Don't know; we just riding and they just flipped." She told me.

"Oh shit," I whispered. "Alright give me room; let them breath." I ordered every one step back and I finally got to the two injured parties. One was Tom, a cousin, and the other was my brat. I dropped to my knees and checked them both over quickly. Tom had couple of nasty cuts but nothing too bad.

"Here you take care of your friend." my uncle Fred told me.

"I'm sorry," Dillon whispered to me. Dillon was almost white; one of the kids had some brains at least. They had ripped Dillon pants leg open and had pressure on the cut with a some what of a clean T-shirt. At first glance I knew we should head out to the nearest emergency room.

"It's all right," I told him giving him a smile. Janet would not let Dillon look down at his leg. I was glad she was helping since all I needed was for Dillon to see it and go into shock. I could see where all the blood was coming from. His calf had a gash in it; I looked up at my uncle.

"You get him stable the best you can and I'll get the truck," He told me as he headed off. Once I got Dillon patched up the best I could, J.C and I carried Dillon in between us to where the truck was, and settled him in the back. I hit the back window to let Fred know to take off and we were off. I laid down beside Dillon; for two reasons: one to comfort him and the other was cause it is against the law to ride in the back of a moving truck on the public roads. Once we got to the hospital Fred ran in and got some help. When the medical team came out I quickly gave them the stats on Dillon. One
of nurses just looked at me. I smiled and said EMT Emerson

Four hours later we were on our way home. Once there I made sure Dillon had dinner and took his antibiotics. Then we headed for my parent's bathroom it was a better place to help Dillon wash up. Once his shower was done I made sure the staples were dried. A rap at the door told us Andy had finally located Dillon's sleep pants and brought them to us. Once he was dressed Roy and I got him out to the barn and up the stairs to our room.

"You going to spank me?" Dillon asked his words were a little slurred because of the pain meds

Once I was ready for bed I turned to him. "Endangering your life like that after I told you to stay off the bikes, you are lucky I don't take my belt to you" I told him flat out. Dillon eyes almost popped out of his head. "However, since standing is out of the questions at the moment we are going to have to wait for a few days to do anything about it," Dillon was about to say something, "In the mean time you, my dear boy, will be doing some writing about the
safety of motor cross bikes." I climbed into bed beside him. Dillon gave out a sigh and curled up next to me.

"You know I hate writing." He told me. I just nodded my head yes, as I rubbed his back. "Sing to me," he asked.

"Which one," I asked. I could feel him smile as he laid his head on my chest. "Alright" I cleared my thoughts and throat and started humming the tune to Green Sleeves. I started to sing softly.

"At last my love you've gone to sleep laying here beside my side, with your head upon my chest sleep my baby boy, sleep my baby, sleep tonight, tomorrows another day, sleep my baby, sleep all night and tomorrow we'll play again.

I did some more humming between the lyrics it usually only take a few times before I could feel Dill asleep beside me. Once Dillon was asleep I kissed the top of his head and closed my eyes. "God I loved this man beside me and thank you for bringing him to me." I whispered before I went to sleep.

It took a few days before all the family left back to were they had came from most of them were still in the Washington state area some in Oregon area the ones that lived in the California area didn't came they just sent their wishes.

Dad, Mom and Grams left to do some shopping leaving Andy, Dillon Roy and I alone. Dillon was busy writing his safety essay on motor cross Andy was baking cookies. Roy was on the phone with some one named Chris. I went over to where Dillon was writing and looked over his shoulder he looked up at me and smiled I jerked my head toward the barn. He put down his pencil and stood stretching his arms out he gave a yawn. I took his hand and we left the house. Once outside we
headed toward the barn and up to our room.

Dillon went straight to the bed and sat down I went over to the dresser and pulled out the paddle. I grabbed the desk chair and pulled it out into the middle of the room. Dillon gave me a sick look. I sat as I put the paddle on the desk. "Do, you care to explain why you were on a dirt bike after I said to stay off it?" I asked. He just shook his head no. "Alright come here," I told him as I held out my hand for him. Dillon took my hand and stood before me I made short work of his sleep pants checking out the staples to make sure they were not infected. "Does it still hurt?" I asked looking up at him he shook his head no. "Ok then over you go." I said as I help him lay across my lap. "Do you know why you're being
spanked?" I asked as I wrapped my arm around his waist to hold him down as much as possible

"Cause I got on something after you said to stay off it." He told me while he did his best to adjust himself so his feet would still be on the floor.

"Correct," I told him as brought my hand down with a slap he jumped but didn't yell out; it took several swats before he started to wiggle once his back side was a bright shade of red. I stopped. Dillon tried to get up, "Not done yet baby," I told him as I rubbed his back gently. I took a deep breath and reached for the paddle. I didn't say anything. I knew Dillon would not be able to speak at this time so I just gave him ten quick swats to the lower half of his butt concentrating on the sit spot. About half way through the paddling Dillon opened up and started to cry hard. I brought the paddling to an end quickly and pulled him up to his feet. Once he was up I stood and pushed him toward the bed. We both lay down;
Dillon lay more or less on top of me. I held him tight and kissed his wet cheek, "Shhhhh, it's alright, it over, done, behind us," I whispered to him. It took him a while to claim down his breathing became a little normal and a few hiccups and quivers would escape but he would be fine in no time. "I love you," I told him.

"I love you too," He said between hiccups, after a few minutes we heard my dad's truck pull in. Dillon jerked up and I pulled him back down to lay beside me,

"Shhhhh, go to sleep my love. Tomorrow is another day," I said as I gently scratched the area above his waistband.

Our vacation was over before you knew it we had Roy truck packed and ready to go for an early departure first thing the morning. I love my family but I was glad I moved so far away from them. My uncle Fred told me that I probably could get a better paying job in Tacoma since I was a class two EMT but I love my little onion town. I think him and told him I would think about it.

That night Dillon and I was missing around in bed when Dillon looked up at me. "Do you want to move closer to your family?" He asked.

"Are you kidding? They'd drive me nuts," I said as I bit his neck. My mouth met his and I kiss him hard our tongues danced for a while and he pulled off the kiss.

"Well if you wanted to I'd be ok with it," He told me as he wiggled under me.

I let out a sigh "Dillon do you want to talk about my family or do you want to fuck?" I asked.

"Family, what family" he told me as he wrapped his legs around my waist.

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